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$29.99 (per Months)

Muscle training program. You will receive training plans that will maximize your ability to quickly develop your muscles and help you weight gain

Increase your muscles

Increase your strength

Improve your aesthetics

It favors your metabolism


$4.99 (per session)

Package of:

$60 (15 classes per month)

The benefits of spinning are varied and abundant, such as improving the health of your lungs and heart. Spinning is a group form of doing aerobic exercise that requires the use of a static bike.

Eliminates stress

Burns calories

Tone your legs and buttocks

Reduces cellulite


$27 (per 45 minutes)

The main benefit of cryotherapy is the reduction of blood pressure. inflammation, the feeling of relief in the body and accelerate the recovery; this involves exposing the body to cold temperatures for a short period of time.

Reduce inflammation

Relieve the pain

Improve muscle recovery

Increase energy and vitality

Home Personalized Training

$29.99 (per hour)

Customized training tailored to your needs.

Direct supervision for safe and effective progress.

Train at home with comfort.

Includes work equipment.

Available locally in Jacó, Herradura, and Playa Hermosa.

Muscle discharge therapy

$71 (per session) 1 hour of session

Muscle tone regulation

Increased blood flow

Reduction of spasms and cramps

Prevention of injury

Performance optimization